09/13/2012 08:18 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2012

Louie Gohmert Hits President Obama For 'Whoop Dee Doo' Campaigning During Middle East Crisis

WASHINGTON -- Fiery Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert (Texas) hammered President Barack Obama Thursday for his response to the deaths of four Americans in Libya, suggesting the commander-in-chief handled it cavalierly and was more interested in a "whoop dee doo" campaign stop in Las Vegas.

"We have a leader who takes a minute and a half out on a big whoop dee doo campaign stop, to say 'Wait, wait wait, it's been a tough week, we've lost some people ... an ambassador. Ah, now back to the fundraising and the fun and the cheering for me,'" Gohmert said. He made the comments at an event on Captitol Hill aimed at criticizing the administration for what Gohmert and others see as rules of engagement for the military that restrict its fighting abilities.

Obama addressed the deaths of Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, with a morning statement from the White House before flying to the campaign event. He also addressed the incident in an interview with CBS News.

But Gohmert found that insufficient and suggested that a much more forceful response was required.

"I hope an pray that any other losses of life will not be met with that kind of reverence," Gohmert said, adding that such tragedies should by met "by a commander-in-chief who says instead, 'You know what, you took out our people, we're taking you out. And you're going to learn, you don't come after our people.'"

Watch Gohmert's comments in the video above, and Obama's in the video below.



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