09/13/2012 04:19 pm ET

Mitt Romney And Hollywood: 7 Ways Things Would Change If Romney Wins (PHOTOS)

This story comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter and first appeared in the Sept. 21 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

By Tina Daunt

If Mitt Romney is elected president, he'll take office with fewer personal ties to Hollywood than any chief executive since Dwight D. Eisenhower. But because the entertainment industry since has become an international economic powerhouse and the producer of America's premier cultural export, it's inevitable that Romney would, in some sense, have to "go Hollywood."

The legion of entertainment conglomerate lobbyists who would come knocking at his doors would be guaranteed to get the new president's attention. Whether they would get what they want remains an open question -- Romney has sent Hollywood mostly negative signals so far.

Here are likely outcomes on key issues:

7 Ways Romney Would Change Hollywood

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