09/13/2012 10:36 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2012

Starbucks Diet: Woman Claims She Lost 85 Lbs. By Only Eating At The Coffee Chain

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Starbucks is known for fueling the highly caffeinated masses, but one woman credits the coffee chain for something else: helping her lose weight.

Christine Hall, 66, claims to have lost 85 pounds by eating all of her meals at her local Starbucks, MSNBC reported. Starbucks' prepackaged foods -- located right underneath those sugary cakes and buttery croissants -- make up her breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offer "really healthy choices," Hall explained to a reporter. And because nutritional information is provided on each item, she can keep track of her caloric intake.

"Nothing hurts any more," Hall said. "I used to attribute some of my aches and pains to aging. I have no medical issues whatsoever. I just feel like a kid again."

Her Starbucks diet is simple. Hall said she starts her day off with oatmeal and a black coffee (145 calories); her lunch and dinners are either a "bistro box" (a snack pack of cheeses, breads and fruit) or a panini, which would be between 220-460 calories, MSNBC estimated. "If I go on a bike ride, I can come back and have a brownie!" she said. (That's around $16 a day, not including that good behavior $2.25 brownie, according to a Virginia-area Starbucks barista.

But this road to weight loss may not be sustainable long-term said dietician Rebecca Scritchfield. Scritchfield also warned that Hall's Starbucks diet could lead to malnutrition. "When you follow something that ... limits you to one particular restaurant, it's very difficult to be healthy and meet your nutrition needs," she said.

People have long made claims of fast food diets helping them lose a considerable amount of weight. There's of course Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, who said the sandwich chain's subs helped him lose a staggering 245 pounds in a year. And even though McDonald's supersized documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, over the years a few people have claimed to have lost weight eating at the fast food chain: one man said he lost 15 pounds by only eating the "healthy" options at McDonald's for 30 days.



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