09/14/2012 02:54 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2012

Erin Holdsworth Sentenced To 18 Months For Leading Cops On High-Speed Chase While Practically Nude

The naked truth for Erin Holdsworth is this: She's has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars for leading Ohio police on a high-speed car chase while barely wearing a stitch of clothing.

Holdsworth has been convicted on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, and fleeing and eluding, according to the Northern Ohio News-Herald.

The convictions stem from an incident last October when Holdsworth, 29, of Hiram, Ohio. Police say she was driving nearly 128 mph -- roughly 65 mph above the speed limit.

She only stopped her spree after a Geauga County Sheriff’s deputy laid down stop sticks that forced the driver's side wheels to deflate, but it's what she looked like when she exited the car that's still arousing interest in her case.

She was wearing only a G-string, a fishnet tube top and high heels, according to Bainbridge Police Chief Jon Bokovitz.

"Well, she got out of her car on her own and she had on just a white thong and a fishnet top that was completely see-through," Bokovitz told The Huffington Post. "She was obviously under the influence."

Bokovitz told HuffPost Holdsworth was not very forthcoming on where she was coming from, what she was doing, or why she was dressed the way she was.

"She was so unsure on her feet that she probably would have fell and hurt herself," the chief said.

Despite refusing the test, Holdsworth was compliant with the arresting officer. It was not until they got her in the back of the patrol car that the stoic female allegedly became agitated, according to police.

Police footage of the arrest shows what appears to be an enraged and near-naked Holdsworth attempting to break out windows in the police cruiser. Bokovitz said Holdsworth "kicked and beat her head on the glass and everything."

Holdsworth, 29, will spend at least 10 months behind bars, according to the News-Herald. Six months of her sentence were suspended by Judge Terri L. Stupica and she will get credit for the two months she already spent locked up, court records show. She was also fined $525.

She initially posted bond and was granted driving privileges in January so she could go to work and drive her kids to school.

But after she tested positive for THC during a July court appearance, she was ordered to await sentencing behind bars.
Holdsworth has previous OVI convictions from 2004 and 2010.




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