09/14/2012 07:06 pm ET

KittenCam: The Pet Collective Streams Live Video Of Adorable Kittens (LIVE STREAM)

Move over CorgiCam, the KittenCam is here!

When the endlessly adorable CorgiCam shutters its lens this weekend, a collective sigh of longing will likely be heard reverberating through the cute animal universe.

But as people everywhere are forced to come to terms with their new puppy-less worlds, The Pet Collective, masterminds behind the 24/7 Corgi cutefest, have brought us the KittenCam -- an adorable distraction that will surely get viewers from gloom to glee.

Following a long tradition of animal live cams, the KittenCam will provide a 24/7 live stream of a litter of four kittens and their mom.

The month-old kittens, born to mama cat MilkMilk, are said to be "under the constant supervision of trained professionals" and are all up for adoption.

As noted earlier by The Huffington Post, the YouTube channel offers other original content, including "The Unadoptables," a series that strives to promote "responsible pet purchasing and ownership" by highlighting the plight of animals awaiting adoption.

"One of the things we've become very committed to at The Pet Collective is helping dogs, cats and other pets who need homes. We've featured horses, pigs, even chickens who need someone to care for them, and the response has been absolutely great. Our viewers really grasp how important it is to help the animals who need a 'forever home' and to try to do something about pet overpopulation," The Pet Collective's Tom Maynard told HuffPost in an e-mail last month.

Visit Petfinder.com or the ASPCA website to learn more about adopting a pet in need of a home.

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