09/14/2012 09:02 am ET

Kyle Seager Fake Out: Mariners 3B Fools Rajai Davis For Out vs. Blue Jays (VIDEO)

It's often said that the NFL is a "copycat league" insofar as successful schemes are quickly picked up by all teams. It seems that MLB is now getting in on the act.

A night after Baltimore phenom Manny Machado executed off an impressive fake against Tampa Bay, Seattle third baseman Kyle Seager pulled off the same exact move against Toronto.

With Rajai Davis on second in the bottom of the fourth inning, Toronto's Jeff Mathis laid down a bunt to third base. M's pitcher Felix Hernandez couldn't field it forcing Seager to charge in and make a barehanded play. Just like Machado on Wednesday night, Seager faked the throw to first base while Davis rounded third. He then turned his body and flipped the ball to Brendan Ryan, who immediately tagged Davis out.

Unfortunately, the only difference between Seager's gem and Machado's was that Seager didn't end the inning. It was the second out. The Blue Jays would go on to tag King Felix with a two-out rally, driving in five runs after the fake out to take a 7-2 lead.