09/14/2012 08:48 pm ET

'Last Ounce Of Courage' Reviews, Lil Wayne, The Master & More: The Week In Ouch

Another week, another batch of critics who just can't be pleased.

Nearly everyone loved "The Master," but the Scientology-inspired film didn't go over as well at AMNY, where a writer found the movie satisfying in some pretty significant ways. That review notwithstanding, anything short of a Best Picture nomination is sure to come as a disappointment to the folks over at The Weinstein Company.

Josh Radnor's new movie, "Liberal Arts," received some favorable reviews, though one critic took some issue with Radnor's own character. But of the other new films at the cineplex, none was more disparaged than "The Last Ounce of Courage," a preachy project from the same folks who brought you "2016: Obama's America." The target this time: godless Americans who gleefully strip the holidays of any references to Christmas. This supposed sanitization of Christ's birthday provides the backdrop for what most critics agree is a pretty pitiful crusade.

Elsewhere in the review universe, Lil Wayne's latest mixtape, Dedication 4, earned a massive eyeroll from Pitchfork, where a writer questioned whether the aspiring skateboarder even gave a damn about rap anymore. Other musical acts who didn't fare so well: an aged DMX and an apparently uninspiring effort from The Raveonettes.

For all the harsh takes -- including what one critic found problematic with the latest installment of "Resident Evil" -- take a look at the gallery below. Who was fair? Which jabs missed their mark? Let us know in the comments.

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