09/14/2012 10:49 am ET

Lluvia Rodriguez, Houston Woman, Accused Of Biting Her Sister's Nose Off

Looks like this woman won the argument by a nose.

Houston police said Lluvia Rodriguez, 29, got into an fight with her husband after she and her sister, Ivon Rodriguez, went out to a club on July 14, according to Click2Houston.

When Ivon Rodriguez tried to break up the disagreement, her sister "bit the complainant's nose off, severing it and detaching her nose from her face, causing pain and serious bodily injury," according to officer M.M. Wallace.

Ivon Rodriguez was rushed to a hospital where doctors were able to successfully reattach her honker, according to the Houston Press.

Though the incident happened in July, authorities didn't file charges against Rodriguez until last month and she wasn't arrested until Saturday, the Houston Press reports. Rodriguez is charged with aggravated assault of a family member.

This is at least the second human-flesh-biting story to pique the Internet's interest this week.

Yesterday, news broke that a bloody and naked man was accused of gnawing on a woman's head in Hawley, Pa.



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