09/14/2012 11:58 am ET

Margarita Zaragoza, A Pregnant Woman, Stabs Boyfriend 'Accidentally' For Pouring Out Her Alcohol: Cops

A pregnant Arizona woman say she "accidentally" stabbed her boyfriend, but the battered beau has another story.

The victim told police that 36-year-old Margarita Zaragoza grabbed a steak knife when he began to pour out her booze on Wednesday, and stabbed him twice in the arm. He said he was pouring the alcohol in the sink because Zaragoza is pregnant and shouldn't be drinking, according to The Arizona Republic.

When questioned, Zaragoza said she was washing the knife when the victim approached her from behind at their Mesa home. She said she accidentally stabbed him when she turned to talk to him. Officers reported that the victim's wounds weren't consistent with Zaragoza's story, so they arrested her.

Zaragoza was charged with aggravated assault. She has a history with DUI and drug arrests police told the paper.

In other random stabbing news, a Queens, New York man was stabbed five times in the butt at a deli on Sunday evening. There appears to be no motive in the attack, and random the incident was caught on surveillance video. The victim is in stable condition.



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