09/14/2012 11:28 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2012

Sofia Vergara Strips Down For Body Painting Session, Says She's Not A 'Serious' Actress Like Penelope Cruz (VIDEO)

Apparently acting on the silver screen in a comedy gig isn't a serious acting job, even if you're the world's highest paid television actress .

Sofia Vergara, leading lady of the hit TV series Modern Family, told that she never intended to become a "serious" actress like her colleague Penelope Cruz.

"I never thought of becoming an actress like Penelope Cruz, who has been acting all her life. She has gone to acting school, and she is a serious actress. I prefer doing comedy. I have always been naturally inclined to it."

Vergara has never been to acting school, relying on her natural talents for all the training she needs. It seems to be working, as the award-winning Colombian model, actress, philanthropist and spokesperson is immensely popular both in the U.S. as well as abroad, particularly in Latin America.

Or maybe it is because she's willing to take risks with her career and public persona, even it it leads to an unscripted, body-painting-and-stripping-session with an artist friend.

In what the Daily Mail calls a "bizarre body painting session," Vergara recently stripped down as her good friend and Spanish-American artist Domingo Zapata, painted her body.

Well whether or not she is a 'serious' actress may be up for debate, but at least Vergara doesn't take herself too seriously.



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