09/16/2012 04:35 pm ET

Eric Wright Pick Six: Buccaneers CB Returns Interception On Eli Manning 60 Yards For Touchdown (VIDEO)

The elite quarterbacks in the NFL seem to have a knack for leading touchdown drives just before halftime. Facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Eli Manning did just that. The only problem for Manning's New York Giants was that he threw that touchdown pass to Tampa cornerback Eric Wright.

With 23 seconds remaining in the half at MetLIfe Stadium and the Giants trailing, 17-13, the two-time Super Bowl MVP dropped back in a shotgun formation on 3rd and 2. He looked for Victor Cruz, running a shallow route to his left. Manning just didn't see Wright step right betwen. The six-year veteran blitzed, but Manning got rid of the ball right away allowing Wright to stop in his tracks and intercept it at Tampa Bay's 40-yard line.

As the clock was winding down, Wright initially ran backwards. Given the position on the field and time on the clock, it looked as if he might just let some time run off the clock before going to the ground. Instead, Wright faked out a couple Giants players and then made his way to the sideline at his right. Wright had a blocker convoy as he ran down the field, allowing him to return the interception for a 60-yard touchdown.

The score put the Bucs up 27-13 at the end of the half. In the second half, Manning would fill the statsheet with a few other notable numbers to make his three interceptions in the first half seem a bit less important. Behind Manning's 510 passing yards, the Giants won a shootout with the Bucs, 41-34.