09/16/2012 11:49 pm ET

'Pyramids' Video: Frank Ocean Drops NSFW Video For Song Off 'Channel ORANGE'

Frank Ocean followed up his smooth "SNL" debut with a new video for "Pyramids," a standout track off the R&B star's highly lauded first studio album, channel ORANGE.

The NSFW spot features Ocean riding a motorcycle and stopping by a Las Vegas strip club (what else did you think "she's working at the Pyramid tonight" meant?) before finding himself in the shadow of some real pyramids. The majority of the video focuses on Ocean's complicated feelings for a stripper (mediated again, perhaps, by Ocean's semi-recent decision to reveal that his first love was a man).

It's not like they ever completely disappeared from the scene, but between this video and the visuals for Kanye West and 2 Chainz' "Birthday Song," women with extremely rotund derrières are really en vogue.

Nabil ("Swim Good," "Novacane," "Mercy") directed. John Mayer gets a cameo. "Pyramids" is available above, and more Ocean tracks can be found in the gallery below. Parting note: Frankie has some really white teeth.

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