09/17/2012 05:29 pm ET

Jordan Limas, Greeley Teen, In Custody After 11-Year-Old Brother Dies In Gun Accident

An 11-year-old Greeley boy was fatally shot by his older brother after a struggle for a weapon, according to an affidavit.

The affidavit says that 18-year-old Jordan Limas had left a handgun on the dining room table and had been watching his younger brother Andre when he saw Andre handling the gun. Limas told investigators he tried to tell Andre the gun was not a toy, but Andre responded "Yeah right" and started to walk out the door where his friends were standing.

There was a struggle for the gun, but after Jordan had taken the weapon away from his younger brother and as he was backing away, the gun fired round into Andre's chest around 5 p.m. last Friday.

According to the affidavit, Andre looked at his brother and said "Jord, Jord, it hurts" before falling to the ground.

Jordan moved his brother to a chair outside, hid the gun in his bed and waited for emergency crews to arrive.

Andre was pronounced dead shortly after 6 p.m.

Although the coroner later ruled the death an accident, Jordan Limas faces charges of criminally negligent homicide because he left the weapon where Andre could reach it.

According to The Denver Post, the boys' father David Limas was not even aware of the weapon's existence in the house.

Jordan allegedly told investigators that the gun, a .22-caliber semi-automatic, had been stolen although that claim has yet to be confirmed by Weld County investigators.

“Never in our wildest dreams would we even think that Jordan would be capable of doing anything purposely like that,” David Limas told KDVR.

Jordan's bond was set at $30,000 and he bonded out on Sunday.