09/17/2012 12:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Juan, High School Senior, Builds Powerful Electric Honda S2000 Convertible (PHOTOS)

A few years ago, Juan, a high school senior, bought himself a sleek, bright yellow Honda S2000 convertible. But he didn't buy it to cruise around and impress his friends: the mechanic-in-the-making is undertaking the ambitious task of converting the car to electric power.

Scroll down to view a photo of Juan with his car, and head over to hackaday.com to read the full story.

Using 104 battery packs with four cells in parallel, the total output of the battery power of the car is equal to 920 horsepower. With a drive train of 85 percent efficiency, the wheels will be getting a whopping 782 horsepower -- making it rival the most high-powered sports cars out there.

Last year, a similarly ambitious group of teens from West Philadelphia were honored with a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award for building their own "badass hybrid."

"We have a fundamental belief that teenagers have valuable insights on solvable real-world problems right now," said Simon Hauger, advisor to the West Philly Hybrid X team. "When they're entrusted with that, not only can they build amazing cars, but they develop amazing business plans."

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