09/17/2012 12:34 pm ET

Julie Bowen Talks Plastic Surgery And Why Angelina Jolie Might Be A Unicorn

"Modern Family" star Julie Bowen is easily one of the funniest women on television today, and she's the kind of actress we love to read about because she actually has a personality. The 42-year-old is Health magazine's October cover girl and she opened up about everything from plastic surgery and her newfound love of tequila to why Angelina Jolie might just be a mythical creature.

In Hollywood, there are few actresses who will admit to having work done, but Bowen is more than happy to own up to the procedures that help keep her glowing. "I’ve had lasers leveled at my face, and I would like to do Fraxel…I do find it odd that people choose to do stuff that makes them look like crazy Hollywood faces but I’ve got zero judgment about it…I’ve worn some ugly shoes," she told the magazine.

Bowen's interview makes it clear that she isn't like most actresses, and though she's on one of TV's highest rated and critically beloved shows, she hasn't let fame go to her head -- not that she's getting getting any special treatment.

"I once called a restaurant, and they were like, ‘Sorry the wait list is three months. What’s your name?’ I said, ‘Julie Bowen.’ They were like, ‘Ah! Julie Bowen from TV? And I said, ‘Yes, can I get a table?’ And they were like, ‘No!’” she joked with Health.

The Emmy-winning actress, who is nominated again this year for her role as Claire Dunphy, is now a staple on the red carpet but she admits she still manages to get starstruck:

"If I see Angelina Jolie, I have to look away," she told Health. "I just feel like maybe she’s not real. She’s like a unicorn. It’s like, ‘There’s Angelina Jolie. We’re not going to seriously stand here and pretend it’s not like seeing a yeti, right?’”

Bowen jokes her way through the interview, and though she says nothing makes her feel as good about herself as a day at the beach or a good run, she also says her newfound love of tequila can make her feel pretty good too:

I've recently discovered tequila, thanks to my friends who are north of 35. Good tequila makes you feel different. According to Doctor Google, my favorite doctor, it acts in your central nervous system in a different way [than other forms of alcohol]. If I have a glass of wine, and I'm a little bit tired, I'm ready to go to bed. But if I have a little tequila on the rocks, and I'm a little tired, I'm not more tired. I'm kind of thinking, maybe we should go do something...."

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