09/17/2012 08:00 am ET Updated Sep 17, 2012

'Long Island Medium': Theresa Helps Shop Owner Speak To Deceased Husband (VIDEO)

Theresa Caputo doesn't just talk to the spirits of her client's loved ones during paid-for sessions. As People magazine put it, "when a spirit is trying to communicate, she simply can't ignore the message." Such was the case on the latest episode of "Long Island Medium."

Theresa Caputo's intention was simply to go shopping and help her daughter pick out a prom dress. But she must have sensed a male spirit in need of communication. The spirit turned out to be the deceased husband of the shop's owner. The woman said she sees her husband every night in her dreams.

"You still have the letters? In Italian?” Theresa asked her. When the woman confirmed that she did, Theresa said, "So, know that when you look at the letters your husband is with you."

It was a spontaneous moment that she simply felt she couldn't ignore. See more readings on "Long Island Medium" every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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