09/17/2012 03:41 pm ET

Fall TV 2012 Equations: We Do The Math On The Many New Doctor Shows With Twists

Doctor shows have been a staple of the TV landscape for years. It's a familiar format that allows for high tension, heart-wrenching stories and a lively workplace for the characters, plus it comes with life-or-death human drama already built in. The medical genre has proven so durable, in fact, that the networks simply won't stop making new ones, and the 2012 TV season has its fair share.

There are five new doctor shows premiering on TV this season, but none are traditional hospital soaps. Each of this year's new doctor shows -- "The Mob Doctor," "Emily Owens M.D.," "The Mindy Project," "Animal Practice" and "Do No Harm" -- comes with a slight genre tweak.

It's as if the networks had a pow-wow and decided to embark on a bold experiment: mixing the classic doctor show format with other successful TV tropes. There's nothing like a dash of another genre to make an otherwise boilerplate doctor show feel fresh! The trend is way too widespread this season to let pass without a round of TV equations to help viewers understand exactly what they're getting into -- click through the slideshow to check out our easy TV equations for this season's new doctor shows.

Fall TV Doctor Show Equations