09/18/2012 08:57 am ET

Keep A Clean Fridge With Press N' Seal Cling Wrap

Just like you can get away with hiding dirty clothes in the closet, you can also easily conceal a dirty fridge. Because when it's out of site, it's out of mind -- and nobody's the wiser. But trust us, the last thing you want is a filthy fridge. It usually means mold and bacteria are sitting dangerously close to food you're planning on eating. The cleaning just has to get done, even if it is a huge chore.

And since you have to do it, it's a good thing we've come across a trick that makes it infinitely easier. The only thing you'll need is Press N' Seal cling wrap. The concept is simple: cover your shelves in a layer of this easy-to-stick cling wrap and when it gets grimy and gross, peel it off and apply a new layer.

We know what you're thinking, why hadn't I thought of this before? Well, don't worry, neither had we. We came across this brilliant concept on The Virtuous Housewife's blog.

If what you were really thinking was that this is incredibly wasteful, Amanda (of The Virtuous Housewife) assured us that it's not. You won't have to change the cling wrap as often as you may think because you'll still wipe down the fridge shelves after small spills. The wrap only needs to be changed when really filthy -- and when that happens you'll be thrilled at the ease of the clean up.

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