09/18/2012 08:08 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2012

'Hoarders': Ruth's Hoard The Result Of The Deaths Of Her Husband And Two Sons (VIDEO)

There is often loss and tragedy at the heart of the problem on "Hoarders," but Ruth's story was perhaps one of the most heartbreaking of the entire series thus far. Her husband had died suddenly in the home they shared, and Ruth found herself unable to part with any of his belongings.

Exacerbating her affliction, her oldest son died of a heart attack three years later, followed months later by her other son's suicide. He died by hanging himself in her bathroom.

"For a long time I couldn’t even go in the bathroom," she said.

The state of the house was indicative of Ruth's pain and all of the horrible experiences she and her family had endured there. But while it was a difficult emotional journey for Ruth, the clean-up was a success. And this season's added makeovers left her almost speechless in her own home.

"Oh Lord. Oh God, I don’t believe this," she said upon seeing her newly refurbished home. "Oh man, this is beautiful."

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