09/18/2012 03:37 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2012

National Cheeseburger Day LA: Nine New Burgers To Try In 2012 (PHOTOS)

Which restaurants come to mind when you think about the best cheeseburgers in LA?

Classic joints like Tommy's, Pie 'n Burger, In-N-Out and Fatburger will always have a place in Angelenos' hearts for their delicious greasebombs, and one of LA's oldest establishments, The Apple Pan, was even named the best burger in the nation. More contemporary spots like Father's Office, Umami, Bouchon and Comme Ca have made gourmet fare out of the fast food staple.

But for National Cheeseburger day, we wanted to give LA's newest restaurants a shot at the cheeseburger hall of fame. Check out the pictures in the slideshow below of burgers from nine new restaurants around town, and let us know in the comments below about any delicious new burgers we missed.

And if you're actually thinking about celebrating this "holiday," consider going to Five Guys. For the next two weeks, Kraft Cheese will donate the equivalent of one meal to food charity Feeding America every time a customer checks in on Foursquare at the restaurant.

Fresh Meat: New LA Cheeseburgers

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