09/18/2012 10:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vinny Guadagnino, 'Gangnam Style': 'Jersey Shore' Star Dances To Psy Hit

Now that "Jersey Shore" has been canceled after six seasons, Vinny Guadagnino might be considering other career paths ... such as dancing.

The 24-year-old Staten Island native is the latest fan of Korean rapper Psy to offer a rendition of "Gangnam Style," a viral sensation that parodies the affluent lifestyle of a trendy Seoul neighborhood. In the video, posted on Guadagnino's YouTube page, the "Jersey Shore" star imitates Psy's campy choreography with a little help from some young pals. (Perhaps he's practicing his babysitting skills for Snooki's baby boy Lorenzo.)

Guadagnino previously professed his admiration for Psy via Twitter, posting a photo of the pair together.

We wonder if Psy gave the fist-pumping enthusiast the same advice he offered Britney Spears when he showed her some moves on "Ellen" last week: "The mindset of this dance is to dress classy and dance cheesy."

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