09/19/2012 06:47 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2012

'Addicted': Sports Injury Leads Young Woman Into Painkiller Addiction (VIDEO)

"Addicted" took a look at the dangers of prescription painkillers. After suffering a knee injury playing sports, 25-year-old Lindsay became addicted to painkillers, and found herself in trouble. She spent all of her money on drugs, going so far as to steal to get money to get high.

"For someone who’s not addicted, actions that can have serious consequences like stealing might seem completely crazy," Lindsay explained. "But for those who are addicted ... consequences mean nothing." She was aware that she was doing wrong, but she didn't care.

The good news for Lindsay is that she agreed to go into a treatment program, and is now doing much better. Kristina Wandzilak, the show's counselor, even tweeted during the broadcast that she'd invited Lindsay, along with her friends and supporters, to her home to watch the episode.

She tweeted a picture of Lindsay and her standing side by side, and Lindsay is looking happy and healthy again.

Follow along with more stories of those who are "Addicted" each Tuesday on Discovery Fit & Health.

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