09/19/2012 06:14 pm ET

University Of Georgia Fan Caught On Camera Apparently Dropping Trou As Stands Celebrate (VIDEO)

If you blinked, you might have missed it, but college football fans tuning in to the Georgia-Missouri telecast earlier this month were treated to a hilarious "caught on camera" moment that occurred in the stands.

The No. 7 Bulldogs took nearly three quarters to take the lead away from Mizzou, scoring a touchdown to make the score 24-20, Georgia. But when the camera pans into the packed bleachers after touchdown, one man can be seen apparently undoing his pants while his buddies crowd around.

In the 18-second clip featured above, YouTube user "theprettypeachtree" points toward her television screen and provides a bit of colorful commentary:

"My question is, what is this guy doing," she asks, "And what are his friends looking at!"

Although the clip is titled "Is this a rash?" it's possible the fan wasn't looking for an opinion.

According to a post in the Sports Digest, although stadium security check for alcohol at the gate, "University of Georgia fans frequently smuggle alcohol into Sanford Stadium by using male fans who hide miniature bottles of alcohol inside the pockets of their pants and coats."

Candid moments caught on stadium cameras are nothing new, of course, but they serve as a reminder that crotch shenanigans might be beamed into millions of American households.

A female hockey fan got in trouble last March after her flashing of a rival team's player was broadcast throughout Canada, according to CBS San Francisco.

A hands-y Red Sox fan also had a "first base" moment caught on camera, much to the bemusement of the announcer.