09/20/2012 01:45 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

'Big Brother 14' Live Finale: Did All-Star Dan, Danielle Or Ian Win The Summer? (VIDEO)

Dan may have been playing the most aggressive game of the summer, but he wasn't the only one playing hard on "Big Brother." Ian played just as hard, although perhaps not with his back against the wall as often. Plus, Ian actually won challenges along the way, while Dan only won a couple. And then there's sweet Danielle. Britney wanted her to come in third because she felt the guys deserved the win the most, and she got her win.

Danielle was blindsided by Dan so many times throughout the season, but he would have taken her to the end. Once again, Ian -- as he pointed out over and over again -- took control of his own destiny by winning the final Head of Household competition. Thinking he had a solid alliance with Dan, he took the all-star to the end with him. It wasn't until the jury was questioning the two finalists that Ian learned Dan had lied to him as well, maintaining a Final Two deal with Danielle.

It was a dirty game, and it may have been the only game available to him, but it was too dirty for the jury to stomach. Dan had to settle for the $50,000 second place prize as Ian won by a 6-1 vote -- only Dan's loyal student Danielle voted for him. So the 21-year-old socially awkward student took home the $500,000, and firmly places himself among the elite to have ever played the game.

Frank Eudy took home $25,000 as America's Favorite Player.

"Big Brother" has already been renewed and will return to CBS in Summer 2013.

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