09/20/2012 03:42 pm ET Updated Sep 20, 2012

Suicidal Man Encouraged To Jump By Onlookers Who Later Uploaded Footage Online

A man who attempted suicide has been hospitalized after "goading bystanders" encouraged him to jump off the roof of a building.

Police say the onlookers also took pictures and videos of the incident and later posted them online.

According to the Sun, the 26-year-old man had been spotted drinking a can of beer on the roof of a store in Portsmouth, England, earlier this week.

Police soon arrived and cordoned off a section of the road, as a police negotiator tried to reason with the man.

Some onlookers who had gathered on the street reportedly began shouting at the man to "jump," while some took photos and videos, Portsmouth News reports.

"This was a disgusting display by members of the public and showed a complete lack of empathy for the person involved and for officers trying to deal with a very sensitive situation under immense pressure," a police spokeswoman told the Portsmouth News.

"We are also saddened to learn that some members of the public felt it appropriate to film the incident and post these videos to social networking sites," she added.

After a two-hour stand-off, the man jumped off the building. As of Wednesday, he was in critical condition in a hospital.

The man's family has branded the onlookers who encouraged him to commit suicide as "cruel," the London Evening Standard reports.

"Tuesday's incident came as a shock to our family and was completely out of character for our son," the family said in a statement. "He is a vulnerable man who has had to deal with some significant challenges in his life and when he clearly needed compassion and understanding was met with cruel taunts and encouragement to end his life."

Passerby Timothy Braithwaite, who was at the scene of the incident, said he was "horrified at the behaviour of those taking videos."

"There was a woman with kids filming it. What was she doing? I don’t understand how you can be there with kids in the first place, never mind filming it to look at later. It’s disgusting," he said, according to Portsmouth News.