09/21/2012 08:26 am ET Updated Sep 21, 2012

'Awkward' Finale: Jenna Chooses Between Matty And Jake, But Is She Happy? (VIDEO)

After what must seem like an eternity in teenager-years, Jenna finally made a decision on the season finale of "Awkward." between Matty and Jake. In fact, when the action picked up, the decision had been made, and she'd gone with her summer love, Matty. Jake seemed cool with it throughout the episode, as he'd now become the "Matty" of the school. In other words, all the ladies were interested in him.

Now that she'd made her decision, it seemed like everything was falling into place for Jenna. But she couldn't stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. She just knew something was going to come along to screw it all up. So maybe she created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

After a heart-to-heart with her mother, Jenna started to doubt her decision. The thrust of the episode was about a trip to Europe. Tamara was going to go, and Jenna's parents got the money together so she could go. But she wasn't sure if she wanted to leave Matty. Her mother talked to her about missed opportunities, encouraging her to not be the girl sitting on her boyfriend's lap at the dances. That girl grows up to be a woman with regrets, she told her.

But when Tamara lost her spot on the Europe trip, Jenna gave hers up, thinking she'd rather spend the summer with Matty anyway. But then, Matty told her he didn't want to dance, and she found herself sitting on his lap watching as Tamara and Jake danced -- and kissed, too, which bothered her more than it should have if she'd really made her mind up.

In other words, she hadn't, which drove Screen Invasion crazy. But, as TV Fanatic pointed out, with a third season on the way of the MTV series, there needs to be doubt.

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