09/21/2012 09:01 am ET

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds' Wedding: Neighbor Martha Stewart Says They're 'The Nicest Couple'

If having Martha Stewart around during your first few years of marriage is every woman's dream, then newlywed Blake Lively is living a fantasy!

Not only is the "Gossip Girl" star married to Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds, but she "lives around the corner" from Stewart in Bedford, N.Y., where she and Reynolds recently bought a home together.

Last night at the New York City Ballet's fall gala, Stewart told E! News that she and the famous newlyweds are "friends" and "hang out" from time to time, adding that they are "the nicest couple. And very, very modest and nice, contrary to the parts they play."

So, was Stewart at their super-private Southern wedding in South Carolina? Actually, Lively and Reynolds' special event will be featured in the December issue of Martha Stewart Weddings! And Stewart told E! that Lively looked "very gorgeous," while Reynolds made a "very gorgeous groom."

Stewart even said that Lively, who has admitted to being a "foodie," is a "groovy cook," adding, "she makes fabulous things. I got invited for an ice cream soda party."

Sounds like Lively will keep Reynolds very happy ... and his belly full.



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