09/21/2012 10:54 am ET

Hugh Brown Drives Through KFC Windows, Attacks Workers Over Chicken Bucket: Police (VIDEO)

If only Colonel Sanders were here. He'd never let this happen.

An Englishman went postal on a handful of KFC workers when they wouldn't give him a discount bucket of chicken, the Northampton Chronicle reported.

Hugh Brown, 50, was sentenced to seven years in jail this week for a psychotic outburst in which he rammed the fast-food restaurant and several police cars. During the March incident -- caught on security footage -- Brown went ballistic because the staff refused to serve him 20 minutes after they had closed.

He drove his car into the front window of the building, then grabbed a 20-foot pole from the debris and tried to attack workers, Metro reported.

He fled the restaurant and hopped in his car. When cops pulled into the parking lot, he rammed their cars with his own.

Brown reportedly said to cops later on, "I only did it because they wouldn't give me a bargain bucket." While he was being arrested, he allegedly yelled, "I've got Hep C, I'll spit on you," according to The Sun.

In court, Brown's lawyer said the perp was on 13 types of medication for anxiety at the time. But the judge gave him no leeway, saying that he used his car as a weapon against cops.