09/21/2012 05:35 pm ET

Polls About Polls 'Outliers'

Mark Blumenthal and Andrew Kohut discuss voter engagement.

Drew Linzer says most polls are behaving just fine.

Whit Ayres and Luke Frans see no bounce.

John Sides charts the impact of campaign gaffes.

Peter Hart and Bill McInturff profile undecided voters on The Daily Rundown.

Mark Mellman looks at polling on independents.

Jim Tankersley examines views of government dependency among independents.

Nate Cohn sees an emerging gap between live (landline and cell) and automated (landline only) polls.

Harry Enten says weighting by party is wishful thinking.

Dylan Matthews looks at Democrats' chance of taking back the House, based on generic ballot polls.

Jonathan Bernstein warns against misleading writeups of polls.

CBS News launches an electoral college model based on a blend of CBS and YouGov polling.

Forty-six percent of people like polls, according to a poll.