09/21/2012 11:25 am ET

Shut The F**k Up About Lady Gaga's Weight

Lady Gaga's body may or may not look slightly different lately. That's her business. Who cares? Oh, wait: The tabloid papers and gossip sites do. Reports claim that she's "piled on 30 pounds" and has a "fuller figure." But what's piling on is the bullsh*t: Body scrutiny like this is cruel and pointless.

First of all, when the artist stepped on to the scene in 2008, no one noticed her body. The buzz was about her outrageous style and catchy songs; her physique wasn't worth mentioning. Slender, sure, but not what the tabloids call "scary skinny"; a dancer, not one of those ladies in the Hollywood bones show. As she became more and more famous, she slimmed down, as one would expect, since she was touring, making videos, constantly on the go. She began to be questioned about her body… and also began volunteering personal information about her physique. In 2010, Gaga was dating Luc Carl, who wrote a book called The Drunk Diet; the same year, she told New York magazine that "pop stars should not eat." In 2011 she explained:

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