09/22/2012 10:27 am ET

Mitt Romney 'Out Of Touch': True Or False? (TELL US)

Mitt Romney has had a very tough week.

From his comments about 47% of Americans not "taking responsibility for their lives," to his remarks about undocumented workers and that unfortunate makeup job on Univision, Romney has not had the best collection of sound bites and images over the last few days. The week's events have caused a lot of backlash and the most consistent commentary about Romney and his statements is that he's "out of touch."

We've been watching this trend for a while and we keep wondering:

Is it really accurate to say Mitt Romney is out of touch?

His comments about the lack of responsibility and victimhood have been heard before from other politicians besides Romney himself. This past July, we heard Romney tell those at the NAACP convention that if they wanted "more free stuff from the government," they should vote for Obama. Those kinds of insinuations when talking about, and to, those who are (or are assumed to be) in lower income brackets, have a long and elaborate history in electoral politics.

So we wanted to ask you, what do you think? Are Mitt Romney's comments the reflection of an out of touch rich man who doesn't understand the lives of most Americans? Or are his comments another example of how some Americans view a large segment of our population? Is he mispeaking? Or is he speaking directly to a select few?

Let us know in the comments what you think. We want to hear from you. Can we safely say he's out of touch? If not, what should we be calling these kinds of statements instead?



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