09/24/2012 08:56 pm ET

Arianna Speaks At The 2012 Opportunity Nation Summit (VIDEO)

On September 19th, Arianna spoke to an audience at the 2012 Opportunity Nation Summit in Washington, D.C. about tackling some of our country's biggest challenges.

Opportunity Nation describes itself as follows on its official website:

Opportunity Nation is a bipartisan, cross-sector national campaign made up of more than 250 non-profits, businesses, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, community organizations, and individuals all working together to expand economic opportunity and close the opportunity gap in America.

Arianna explained that the media has a responsibility to "cover what is working, to put the spotlight on the good things happening." She went on to describe dedicated sections at The Huffington Post meant to do just that, including HuffPost's Good News section and Greatest Person Of The Day initiative. "We need to celebrate the good obsessively."

On the topic of our nation's unemployment crisis, she stated that "we cannot just stand idly by waiting for Washington to solve this problem."

Arianna went on to say, "We need to change the narrative away from this fatalistic hopelessness that is permeating this country at the moment, and towards the belief once again, that as John Gardner said, 'What we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities disguised as insoluble problems.' So what we need to capture is that spirit of the Greatest Generation."

Her speech ended with a call to action regarding our problems: "So let's summon up that spirit of the Greatest Generation and go out there and solve them."



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