09/24/2012 11:20 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2012

David Anderson, Suspected Bank Robber, Hands Out Stolen Money (VIDEO)

Bank robbers are giving away their loot.

Earlier this month armed bandits threw their stolen cash out into the streets of Los Angeles. And just last week, a suspected bank robber pulled a Robin Hood in Colorado Springs, Colo. handing out stolen money, reports say.

In a frenzied crime spree on Wednesday, a shotgun-wielding David Anderson, 26, allegedly fired a shot at a Big 5 sporting goods store, robbed an Adams Bank and Trust of an undisclosed sum, poured gasoline on a UMB bank that repelled his robbery attempt, and then extracted money by force from a nearby Chase. No one got hurt, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

At some point, Anderson allegedly began his cash giveaway. CBS 4 reported he threw the ill-gotten bills out of his car window at least three times, and at least one bystander was seen scooping up the cash. Then Anderson arrived at the Antlers Hilton hotel and began handing out cash in the lobby. That's where police say they finally nabbed him with a bag still full of bills.

Anderson was charged with aggravated robbery and attempted robbery. He smiled and stuck his tongue out in the squad car, then tried to make small talk with the judge in court, the CBS segment showed.

On Sept. 13, bank robbers were already being chased by squad cars and a helicopter when they began tossing their stolen loot out of a black Volvo onto the streets of Los Angeles. Gary Cabral told the Los Angeles Times he plucked five $1 bills off the street but wished they were hundreds. Police recovered $1500 and were asking others to return the money.

There's no finders-keepers rule at work in Colorado Springs either. Authorities were asking that all the money be returned, Fox 8 said.



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