09/24/2012 10:48 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2012

Home With Hydroponic Marijuana Lab Explosion To Be Demolished (VIDEO)

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A Miami-Dade home is scheduled for demolition after a hydroponic marijuana lab explosion turned it into an unsafe structure, CBS Miami reports.

The renters of the home fled in a Nissan Altima and an SUV after the explosion at 6355 S.W. 151 Place in southwest Miami-Dade, according to a release from Miami-Dade Police. They have not been located.

Police confirmed that there were marijuana plants inside the home, although they could not determine exactly how many because of the poor condition of the structure, according to the release.

"I felt the explosion," neighbor Ana Egusquiza told NBC 6. "I was at home reading sitting down. The explosion felt like it was coming from the ground and the house shook. When I went outside the windows were blown out and everything was shattered. The front of the house was on the ground. Everything had crumbled."

During the explosion, the roof lifted off the structure, according to CBS Miami.

Miami-Dade Police Det. Alvaro Zabaleta told NBC that the combination of vapors, stolen electricity and other unsafe features of grow houses is “just a formula for disaster.”

“When the wind shifts in a certain direction, you can definitely smell it. Yesterday morning it was a much stronger chemical smell,” Orlando Martinez told CBS Miami. “As the day went on it ended up being more of a marijuana smell and it was all over the place.”

UPDATE, 4:40 p.m. Tuesday: Police have identified the renters of the home as Erisbel V. Herrera, 36, and Maylen Del Castillo, 33, who are both at large. They are being charged with trafficking marijuana and child neglect.