09/24/2012 08:20 pm ET

Emmy Winners 2012 Say 'Thank You' To Spouses (VIDEO)

Celebrities have to include a lot of people in their awards acceptance speeches: writers, directors, managers, producers, cast mates, the list goes on -- often longer than the allotted minute or so.

It's not uncommon to forget a few names, but forget your spouse's name in that once-in-a-lifetime moment? You might find yourself sleeping on the couch that night.

But not these five stars. They did a stellar job at thanking their spouses -- or "baby daddy" if you're Claire Danes -- at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday. Click through the slideshow below to see the five best spouse or fiancᅢᄅ thank yous.

Best Spouse 'Thank Yous' At The 2012 Emmys

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