09/24/2012 09:49 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2012

Joe Scarborough To Bay Buchanan: 'I'm A Small Government Conservative' (VIDEO)

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Things on "Meet the Press" got more interesting than usual when Joe Scarborough was forced to defend his conservative ideology in a heated exchange on Sunday.

The MSNBC host was criticizing Mitt Romney for his 47% remarks when fellow guest Bay Buchanan suggested she was the only conservative on a panel filled with liberals.

"This is just like four to one, I should be able to be allowed to speak, you know, for each one of these gentleman-- these people here," she said. She attempted to move on, but Scarborough appeared offended by the remark.

"Don’t put me as a four to one because I’m not," he countered. "I’m a small government conservative."

"But, you know, Joe, on this set, you appear to be one of the four," she shot back.

He said that he agreed with conservative commentators like the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Rush Limbaugh. "I’m with-- you name the conservative… they have my concern, Bay," he said. "So please don’t characterize me as being one of these four."

Later, Buchanan said that Romney's 47% remarks were "falsely interpreted, deliberately so." Scarborough scoffed at the notion, calling it "nonsense."

"The key here is which side are you on?" Buchanan asked.

Scarborough ticked off the conservatives who have criticized Romney, including the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh and Peggy Noonan. "The most troubling thing is, it's not that most of us Republicans don't believe he can win — we do believe he can win — but when he says he has no need to turn this campaign around after a disastrous week... that is a political concern, not an ideological concern," he said. The remarks start at the 10:10 mark in the video above.



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