09/24/2012 02:15 pm ET

Lady Gaga Has No Intention Of Dieting To Combat Weight Gain, Say Sources

Lady Gaga isn’t trying to hide her recent weight gain under dark, loose-fitting clothes. Instead, the “Born This Way” singer turned up on Friday in Paris in a super-tight, leopard-print outfit that accentuated all her new curves.

“She has no intention of going on a diet or hiding under baggy clothes until she loses some weight,” a friend of Gaga’s tells me. “That just isn’t her style. She tells her fans to love themselves and that is something that she doesn’t just preach.”

Telling radio host Elvis Duran that she had gained 25 pounds before her tour started, Gaga added, "And you know I really don't feel bad about it, not even for a second.”

"With Gaga, what you see is what you get. Whether she's wearing a meat dress or a goldfish-filled bowl on her head, you know you're always getting straightforward and honest Lady Gaga," Duran says. "The same goes for her views on celebrating our differences and individuality. Her message always encourages us to love ourselves for who we are and what we bring to the table. So, if she gains a few pounds, let it go! We owe it to her to celebrate her art and her message, not point out what some would erroneously believe is a flaw," continues Duran, who added that he's premiering Rihanna's new single, "Diamonds," Wednesday morning.

But even if Gaga doesn’t go on a diet, you can expect to see her lose weight very soon due to the vigorous show she puts on for her fans.

“She has said before that when she’s on tour she get muscular,” a friend of Gaga’s tells me. “If you look at pictures from the start and the end of her tours you can see that. It’s not a look she says she really likes, but after working out onstage like she does, it happens naturally. There is nothing she can do about it.”


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