09/24/2012 01:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michael Stipe's Afro & Other Celebrities Who Shared The Former R.E.M. Singer's Hairdo

Michael Stipe is one of the world's most famous musicians. As the lead vocalist for R.E.M., Stipe was an instrumental force in the band's three decades of politico-social activism. He also had a hand in managing the band's image, a factoid that's unsurprising to those familiar with Stipe's strong personal style.

But while he's known for minimalist looks that compliment his now-shaved head, Stipe didn't always rock such a simple hairstyle. In fact, he had quite the afro. Check out his 1977 yearbook photo:

michael stipe afro

And here's Stipe now:

michael stipe

But Stipe isn't the only celebrity with an afro hiding in his past. Our friends at Snakkle have a whole gallery of well-coiffed celebrities, available for your perusal here. More "before they were famous" goodies are available in the gallery below.

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