09/24/2012 04:08 pm ET

Port Authority Patrol Boat Sinking: Sergeant Opened Underwater Hatch To $500,000 Boat

A police sergeant is expected to face disciplinary action after opening the underwater hatch of a Port Authority patrol boat earlier this month, causing the boat to sink off the coast of Breezy Point, Queens.

The New York Post reports the unnamed sergeant's foolish move risked the lives of ten other officers on board the $500,000, 37-foot M-2 Moose Boat. The boat was equipped to defend JFK Airport against maritime terror attacks.

The sergeant reportedly opened the hatch at the advice of a civilian safety inspector.

He is expected to be reprimanded with a loss of vacation days.

No one was seriously injured, but officers struggled to swim 900 feet to safety.

The boat sank within 30 minutes of opening the hatch.

The September 9th incident stemmed from a routine rescue training session.

Also this month, a similar, $400,000 Port Authority anti-terror vessel-- found by Fox 5 being unused in a parking lot-- was put back in the water just in time to save three LaGuardia Airport workers stranded in the water during a vicious storm.



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