09/24/2012 05:31 am ET

'Unusual Suspects': Little Girl Abducted On Her Way To Pick Up Groceries (VIDEO)

A little girl on her way to pick up some groceries. But Maria Piceno never made it home that day in 1995. Her story was revealed on "Unusual Suspects," and the key to solving the mystery of who killed her came in how she died.

It was two weeks before 8-year-old Maria's body was found near a creek. Investigators determined that she had been suffocated, and it was this detail that convinced another woman to get involved. Recalling similar abuses from her own childhood, this woman told authorities she suspected her own brother of perhaps killing this young girl.

Gene McCurdy was a Navy Petty Officer with a clean record. Police found him on his ship when they went to arrest him. They also found a warehouse space where he kept a collection of child pronography.

McCurdy was convicted in the killing of Maria Piceno, and sentenced to death.

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