09/25/2012 10:42 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2012

30 Sex Tips Every Woman Should Consider by the Time She's 30

Have Sex in a Taboo Place
“Whether it’s in your old bedroom at your parents’ house or on your guy’s desk after office hours, pick a place that makes you feel extra naughty for doing it there,” says sex expert Lora Somoza.

Know How to Give Yourself an Orgasm
The easier it is for you to bring yourself to the edge, the better your success will be with a partner.

“I know it’s cheesy, but a boyfriend and I used to pretend I was Little Red Riding Hood and he was the Big Bad Wolf. It was so hot,” says Gina, 28. More ideas: You’re an actress desperate for a part in his big-budget film. Or, he’s the sexy stranger sitting next to you at the airport bar.

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