09/25/2012 05:05 pm ET

Emmys & Cleavage: Hollywood's Big Shift

There was a distinct trend in women’s fashion on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards Sunday night, and it was not pixie cuts or gowns with trains. It was cleavage. Not your average demure decolletage, either. Some of the night’s most famous attendees had their breasts fully out on front street. Obviously there’s the factor of breast objectification, but this was not entirely about that. The amount of cleavage on display was not just a sexual statement but some kind of dare, an act of confrontational femininity that challenged viewers to reevaluate any preconceived notions they might have about large breasts and their impropriety. As a chesty woman who has often been on the receiving end of sneers simply for wearing tank tops in the summer (can I live?), let me just say: thank you, ladies of television, for putting it out there.

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