09/25/2012 09:27 am ET

'Robopocalypse': Anne Hathaway Joining Steven Spielberg Film?

A rolling Anne Hathaway gathers no moss. According to THR -- and confirmed by Deadline.com, though not DreamWorks -- the exceedingly busy actress is reportedly circling the female lead in Steven Spielberg's next blockbuster, "Robopocalypse." Chris Hemsworth is already attached to play the male lead.

Based on the book by Daniel H. Wilson, "Robopocalypse" takes place in the near future, when modern society is on the brink of extermination thanks to sentient robots. Here's a pretty hilariously terrifying section from the "Robopocalypse" Wikipedia page:

After failed attempts at making a non-homicidal artificial intelligence, the safeguards in a computer science lab are compromised. Archos, a supremely intelligent AI, becomes self-aware and immediately starts planning the decimation of human civilization in an attempt to preserve Earth's biodiversity. After infecting all penetrable networked electronic devices (cars, airplanes, elevators, robots, etc.) with a "precursor virus", Archos begins planning a systematic attack on the human race.

The key words there: "non-homicidal artificial intelligence."

While Hathaway's involvement is unconfirmed, one major player is involved with Spielberg and Hemsworth: recently ousted Fox chairman Tom Rothman. He'll produce "Robopocalypse," which is a co-production of DreamWorks and -- surprise -- Twentieth Century Fox.

“When someone like Tom is a free agent, you snatch him up fast," Spielberg said in a statement. "He has proven himself to be a necessity of this industry. At Fox he had already been an enthusiastic partner on 'Robopocalypse,' and it is to our advantage that he would come produce this film with me. Tom has been a wonderful friend and colleague over the years and DreamWorks is incredibly lucky to have him on board.”

"Robopocalypse" is due in theaters on April 24, 2014 -- meaning the summer movie season is apparently going to start early that year. For more on the production, head over to THR.

[via THR]


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