09/25/2012 05:30 pm ET

Tim Tebow Offered Museum Of Sex Membership For Life: REPORT

When asked during a recent interview what he does for fun during a free day in Manhattan, Tim Tebow mentioned attending Broadway shows.

"I've seen "Wicked" and "Rock of Ages," and I liked both of them," the Jets' back-up quarterback told ESPN New York. "'Wicked' was my favorite."

Apparently, the Museum of Sex is hoping that the popular and polarizing quarterback will be interested in exhibits a bit more wicked on his next foray into Manhattan. Per Animal New York, the museum has offered Tebow a lifetime membership.

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the membership offer obtained by Animal New York.

The rub is, of course, that Tebow is perhaps the most famous virgin this side of Lolo Jones (who his teammates have attempted to set him up wth). The virginity of the devoutly Christian quarterback has been a recurring topic of conversation ever since he addressed it in 2009.

Even if Tebow is not having sex that shouldn't mean that he can't learn about it. According to its website, "The Museum of Sex will produce exhibitions, publications and programs that bring the best of current scholarship on sex and sexuality to the widest possible audiences."

Will that audience include Tebow?

HuffPost reached out to the Museum of Sex to confirm the membership offer and see if they've heard back from Tebow but did not receive a response as of press time.

Jack Moore of BuzzFeed found plenty of entertainment in this reported offer, including the possibility that an elderly Tebow would visit the museum years from now, "finally giving into the temptation" offered by one particularly explicit exhibit.

Rant Sports thinks it's highly unlikely that the devout back-up ever finds his way over to the MOS.

"I will eat my shoe if Tebow joins this museum," wrote Riley Schmitt of Rants Sports. "It is just another publicity grab, but the chances of it working are almost slim to none. In fact, they are probably worse."

Which is more likely, Tebow becomes a regular vistor at the Museum of Sex or the full-time starter for the Jets?



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