09/26/2012 01:26 pm ET Updated Sep 27, 2012

6-Month-Old Baby Rozalyn Ramos Found Dead In Doral After Being Forgotten In Father's Car (VIDEO)

A six-month-old baby was found dead Tuesday in Miami after being left in her father's car all day.

Miami-Dade Police say little Rozalyn Ramos's father Lazaro Ramos dropped his son off at Doral Academy Preparatory School in the morning, then forgot to take the baby to daycare on his way to work.

About nine hours later, the baby's brother discovered her unresponsive in the backseat when Ramos arrived back at Doral Academy to pick him up from school.

"When he picked up his kid...the little kid found his sister in the car, so the little kid started crying," said witness Carlos Alzate. "And the guy, when he realized that the baby was there, like fell down to the floor."

Rozalyn was transported to nearby Miami Children's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Ramos is currently being questioned by Miami-Dade police, but no charged have been filed.

WSVN reports Ramos told investigators that dropping the baby at daycare was not part of his normal routine.

Temperatures were in the upper 80s in Miami on Tuesday, but according to Miami-Dade Police temperatures in a sitting car can reach 120 degrees. It was not immediately known where Ramos' car had been parked during the day.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, 550 children have died while left in a car since 1998. 52% of the parents in those cases didn't realize they had left the children there, the group told USA Today.