09/26/2012 02:16 pm ET

Corgi Puppy Battles Door Stop In Aww-some Online Clip (VIDEO)

If there's one thing the Internet can agree on, it's that everyone loves corgis. No matter the mix, these short, low-slung house dogs are always incredibly adorable.

Case in point, this newest viral video featuring a lovable pooch locked in a death match with a door stop.

The black and white Welsh corgi puppy, which clearly does not appreciate the device's more practical household applications, barks and runs at the door stop, much to the amusement of its owner.

"Is this a foe?" the owner asks in the background. "Is that scare?" But the puppy makes no effort to hide its dislike for the dastardly door stop.

Corgis have been known to induce giggles across the Internet for their exploits. Whether they're herding an exasperated kitten, performing tricks for treats or posing in costume, the pups are sure to bring a smile to one's face.

Fans of the breed can check out the cute corgis tumblr for more warm and fuzzy pictures, or stop by Buzfeed for a list of 18 corgi gifs guaranteed to "melt your heart." Go on, you know you want to.

h/t Jezebel