09/26/2012 10:42 am ET

Harsha Maddula Search: FBI Joins Effort To Find Missing Northwestern University Student

The FBI joined a desperate search for missing college sophomore Harsha Maddula, who was last seen leaving a party near Northwestern University's campus Saturday morning.

The 18-year-old pre-med student didn't appear to be intoxicated when he left the party with up to four people at about 12:10 a.m. in Evanston, Ill., the Daily Northwestern reports. It's unclear where the group went, according to the newspaper.

The student newspaper reports that Harsha spoke to his friend Linzy Wagner on the phone at 12:35 a.m. He told her that he was in his dorm room, but campus police say that's not true.

Now Maddula's parents, the FBI, campus police and about 20 people are retracing his footsteps on and off campus. His single-person dorm room was searched several times for clues, but investigators haven't revealed any leads.

At this point, there's no indication of foul play.

He's described by the university as a man of Indian descent, about 5-foot-8-inches tall and weighing 149 pounds, with black hair and wearing black-framed glasses. He was wearing a grey long-sleeve sweater, dark grey pants and brown shoes at the time of his disappearance.

On Tuesday, Maddula's mother, who flew in from her home in New York, cried as she spoke to reporters, saying that her son is also diabetic.

"It has been three days that the kid is missing. Please, the case has to be escalated. We want all the students to come out of their dorms and search for this kid. He's your brother. He's missing in the campus," Prasad Maddula told CBS News.

On a Facebook page set up to help find him, family members said he's never gone missing before and that he's a sharp-witted straight-A student.



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