09/26/2012 01:51 pm ET Updated Sep 26, 2012

Former MEC Global Employee's Resignation Letter Slams Boss, Goes Viral Online

After years of "loyal service" to his company, one employee finally called it quits. But before saying goodbye forever, he wanted to get in one last word.

In a scathing resignation letter that went viral online, the man accuses his former boss of having "sexual relations" in the office and regularly making sexist, bigoted remarks.

The employee joined the London-based office of MEC Global, an international media agency, in May 2010. Although the employee notes that he owes the company a lot for "training and development," he says he leaves "with a horrible taste in [his] mouth" as his boss, whose name has been redacted from the documents, ruined the last eight months of his life, according to the resignation letter obtained by Media Bistro.

The disgruntled employee, who describes the dedication and hard work he brought to the job, accuses his boss of the following:

  • Made jokes about the “Spastic Olympics” (referring to Para-Olympics)
  • Openly claimed to be proud “not to have a drop of Jewish blood in him”
  • Regularly made sexist and other bigoted remarks
  • Took a female colleague out for a drink on the day he interviewed her, then later took her back to the MEC offices that night and had sexual relations with her in the meeting rooms on the 3rd floor

The above is all common knowledge throughout the team. This is [redacted]’s style of leadership and is gross misconduct on many levels. It is hard to fathom that such a man is responsible for the work wellbeing of over 30 staff.

Visit Media Bistro to read the employee's full letter.

The employee's resignation letter went viral and even began trending on Twitter, the Daily Mail notes.

A spokesman for MEC told MailOnline: "We are sad that one of our employees has chosen to share their personal views in such a public way and has left the company with such bad feeling. We are taking this issue seriously though given the highly personal nature of the email, we cannot comment further."

Other brazen resignation letters have gained traction online in recent months.

Earlier this month, a resignation email titled "Farewell" was posted on reddit. In the letter, the ex-employee decides to share his true feelings about his former co-workers. Taking a cue from "Half Baked," he writes "F--k you. F--k you. You're cool. F--k you."



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