09/26/2012 08:25 am ET Updated Sep 26, 2012

'Vegas' Premiere: Dennis Quad And Michael Chiklis Are On Opposite Sides Of The Law (VIDEO)

The series premiere of "Vegas" wasted no time establishing both the setting and the two powerful forces that will be fighting for it. 1960s Las Vegas wasn't the glitzy city people know today, but it was headed that way. There was still a lot of the rustic and the rugged about it, which is where Dennis Quaid's Ralph Lamp comes from. He'd like nothing more than to just work his ranch near the city and have them leave him alone -- and maybe not fly planes over his land and scare his cattle.

Alas, what he wants and what ultimately happened are two different things. With his past in the military police, and the governor's daughter lying dead in the desert and the sheriff not around, he was tasked to help solve the case. By the time he did so, the sheriff was dead and the job was his. Does he get the choice to say no?

He might choose to stay just to keep an eye on Las Vegas newcomer Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis). He owns a stake in the gambling business on the burgeoning strip, and isn't afraid to bend or break the law as he sees fit. The cowboy versus the mobster. Sounds like an epic confrontation.

EW loves the dynamic between the two men, writing, "Lamb and Savino might be on different sides of the law, but the mobster would likely admit that the cowboy is his kind of guy." They're cut from similar cloths, which should make their working relationship filled with delicious friction as the series progresses.

Will you be booking a trip to "Vegas" every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS?

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