09/27/2012 01:09 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

Coca-Cola Magazine Ad Transformed Into An iPod Music Amplifier (VIDEO)

We always knew Coke was an innovator in design (did you see the awesome music Pavilion at the Olympics?) , but now the company is revealing its crafty side with a new ad celebrating the one year anniversary of its South American radio station.

In the latest issue of the Brazilian magazine Capricho, there's an ad for Coca-Cola.FM that transforms into an iPod music stand by simply rolling up the entire magazine into a tube. According to the YouTube video description by design agency JWT, who created this nifty accessory, the final format allows the sounds waves to travel in two different directions at the same time, making the ad an amplifier for music.

Now, we’ve come across some pretty unique repurposing ideas but this by far is the coolest one we’ve ever seen. Watch the video above to see just how this iPod amplifier comes to life and head over to Coca-Cola.FM for more information about the station.